I value our privacy and would prefer to be contacted in encrypted form.

  • leonhard@weese.de
  • leoaw@riseup.net
  • PGP Key fingerprint: 9185 B1FD 625A 1AD0 CCFE F451 C073 56F5 BB4D D1B7
  • Signal fingerprint: 09061 27344 92304 64737 57695 92515
  • OTR fingerprint: 5BA1940E 995277B5 2BE9D7D5 67BDFCA6 8EE8053B

You may also verify my social media accounts on Keybase.

My Lightning node is available via Tor. Feel free to connect and open a channel to

0223d7aa491e26a307b4203916b8d60ded8cfe832806b432d6cfc278e96374f9aa@ xr4hilmp45lx4dsgrjswo5b6nky6k2mmiu6matsdgc643whqfcfr7nyd.onion:9735