I value our privacy and would prefer to be contacted in encrypted form.

  • leonhard@weese.ws
  • leo@vanbitcoin.ca
  • PGP Key fingerprint: FEA5 2E26 0917 37D5 D2C6 6441 779C FD67 49D7 51E0
  • Signal fingerprint: 80538 49665 04660 78547 37357 07403
  • Nostr: 80482e60178c2ce996da6d67577f56a2b2c47ccb1c84c81f2b7960637cb71b78
  • Nostr: npub1spyzucqh3skwn9k6d4n4wl6k52evglxtrjzvs8et09sxxl9hrduq945j7y

You may also verify my social media accounts on Keybase.

My Lightning node is available via Tor. Feel free to connect and open a channel to